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Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to health problems including the onset of adult osteoporosis. But did you know that vitamin D also plays an important role when it comes to maintaining hair health? A lack of vitamin D could cause more white hair to appear and also lead to thinning hair. So how do you make sure you have enough of this essential vitamin?

Getting your daily dose of vitamin D can be as easy as spending a few minutes outdoors, but many women aren’t getting enough vitamin D. Luckily, your diet can also help boost your levels.

If you love outdoors activities or going to the beach, getting the daily intake of vitamin D should be as breezy as the ocean wind. It’s known as the “sunshine vitamin”, after all and even a few minutes of soaking up some rays is a great way to boost vitamin D levels. But in Singapore, the humid weather and soaring temperatures can be very discouraging.

But luckily for us, there’s a way to boost our vitamin D levels through our favourite thing in the world: Food. Dietitian Susie Burrell says that while the best way to boost your vitamin D is through sunlight, there are a number of everyday foods that can help, like these 6 vitamin D-rich foods:

There is a caveat to all this, however.

Where sunlight helps to produce vitamin D3 in the body, food contains vitamin D2. Both help maintain healthy levels of calcium in the body but one, Susie says, is preferred.

“Vitamin D3 is better absorbed and utilised in the body than D2,” she explains.

The takeaway from it all? These six vitamin D-rich foods are sure to help keep you healthy but the sun can’t be beaten in the vitamin D game.

Text: Stephanie Marinkovic /The Australian Women’s Weekly

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