Credit: SNSA

In the wake of a stroke, diet is crucial in helping survivors maximise their recovery and reduce the risk of getting another stroke.

As part of the annual stroke awareness campaign this month, cooking doyenne Violet Oon has contributed four delicious and healthy recipes for stroke survivors in a collaboration with the Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA). These include two that can be modified in terms of consistency to make it easier for stroke patients with swallowing difficulties to enjoy as well.

The celebrity chef, who turns 70 this year, previously suffered a stroke herself in 2014, and stayed in the hospital for about a month. Her bucket list for her 70th birthday, includes the creation of these recipes.

She said, “When I was approached by SNSA to contribute these recipes, I thought it was fitting as I have enjoyed a relatively good health and I am grateful to still enjoy life with family and friends, and contribute in ways that I can. “

Credit: Screengrab/SNSA

The first of Violet Oon’s four cooking videos, a recipe for a Korean vegetable pancake, was made available on World Stroke Day (Oct 29) during the ’Join the movement with SNSA!’ virtual event. A new recipe video will be released weekly for the subsequent three weeks, which includes fish porridge as well as a Spanish white bean salad.

“I have been there, done that and know the culinary challenges that we face,” Oon shared. “We often think of motor weakness when we think about stroke. However, there are many other consequences including swallowing difficulties, speech problems and cognitive impairment that many may not be aware of.”

“I want to help families make their homecooked food healthier and suitable for members who have suffered a stroke,” she added.

The videos will be hosted on the SNSA website.