There’s no meal that isn’t exponentially improved with the addition of hot chips or the more commonly-known french fries.

Those crunchy, golden favourites have become a staple been teamed with dishes from a classic beef burger to sandwiches and the perennial fish & chips. Yes, hot chips and french fries are so loved, and kids are especially big fans of these munchies.

Some of you might even have discovered the unlikely but heavenly combination of french fries dipped in soft serve.

And while it comes as no surprise that fried food is far from healthy, a new scientific study has published some alarming statistics on the impacts of chowing down on chippies.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found a link between frequent consumption of fried potatoes and a high mortality rate.

In fact, according to Medical News Today eating french fries can double your chance of an early death.

The research was conducted on some 4,400 men and women between the ages of 45 and 79. Over the course of eight years, 236 participants died.

Initial investigations saw no correlation between potatoes and a high risk of death. Further analyses found that those who consumed fried potatoes, including hash browns and potato gems, two or more times a week were at an increased risk of mortality.

However it must be noted that lifestyle factors, such as the participants’ broader dietary plan and exercise, were not considered in this study. Researchers have concluded that further studies should be undertaken.

Luckily, #notallpotatoes have come under-fire. Unfried potatoes are in the all-clear, meaning potato fans can still indulge in many dishes without too much worry, like these recipes we have here: Perfect Mash Potatoes, Potato And Onion Chapattis, Ultimate Potato Salad, Roast Vegetable Frittata 

Text: Stephanie Marinkovic/The Australian Women’s Weekly / Photos: Pixabay

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