french fries
French fries taste so good, but junk food isn’t great for your body.

Craving: Chocolate
It’s not sugar your body’s crying out for, it’s actually magnesium, which can help keep stress levels under control.

Chocolate makes your blood-sugar levels spike. Eat magnesium-rich snacks instead, such as brazil nuts, endamame beans and avocado.

Craving: Steak
You might be low in iron, which supports the immune system, keeps your mind sharp and prevents fatigue.

Give In!
Your body doesn’t absorb all the minerals in food, but a 200 g steak has nearly 5 mg of iron, which will ensure you meet your daily target of 1 mg.

Craving: Chips
You’re really craving salt, which could mean you’re dehydrated since salt helps regulate the amount of fluid in your body.

Most of us eat too much salt so munch on celery and carrots with a big glass of water instead.

Text: Women’s Day, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Zarelda Marie Goh
Photo: 123rf