Another day, another diet. However, the latest diet trend doesn’t ask you to cut calories, just the hours of the day you consume them.

It’s creatively titled the 8 Hour Diet and it proposes that you should restrict your food intake to an eight hour period of the day. The 16 hours either side of that time are off-limits but the plus side? The amount of calories you consume is irrelevant.

Scientific evidence backs the theory, suggesting that intermittent fasting can promote hormone control and weight loss.


Rat eating
The preliminary studies on animals have shown promising results. In these early studies, rats who were given high fat foods, but for short periods, weighed less. They were also found to be in overall good health, without any cholesterol or liver problems.

However, rats that had free reign over when they ate were found to gain weight and develop high cholesterol. Researchers also discovered these animals had impaired motor function.

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The science behind it suggests that consuming food over 16 hours is why so many of us struggle with our weight, and it all comes down to hormones.

Eating food over this prolonged period, and consuming it frequently during that time, more insulin is released in an attempt to keep our blood glucose levels stable. This promotes fat storage in the body.

When we restrict the hours we’re eating, however, that insulin is used to repair the body’s cells.

woman with slim belly in jeans
It sounds like a dream diet with likely results, if you can stay your snacking urges.

While going 16 hours without food is almost extreme, leaving at least 12 hours without food has also seen some benefits.

Restricting the amount of food you eat is hard, especially when you are super strict with what goes into your body. Without forcing you to cut calories, this might finally be the diet that sticks!

Text: Claudia Poposki / Photos: Pixabay,

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