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You may have eaten it straight from the container, dolloped it over a bowl of fresh fruit, added it to your  overnight oats, or even gone as far as to use it as a dip. Yoghurt is an easy and tasty way to add essential nutrients like protein and calcium to your meals.

MARIGOLD Yoghurt contains calcium, real fruits (except the Natural variant) and live probiotic cultures said to promote a healthier digestive system. Awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by the Health Promotion Board, MARIGOLD Yoghurt can be used as a healthier alternative to coconut milk, sour cream and butter without compromising on taste or texture.

It’s an incredibly versatile food. Use it to jazz up boring spreads, enrich soups, stews and curries, and balance spicy foods. The enzymes in yoghurt even help to tenderise fish and meat, making it an ideal ingredient for marinades.

If you enjoy baking, you can also use yoghurt in the making of cakes, cookies and muffins. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury foods, yoghurt should be a staple ingredient in your refrigerator.

Marigold Yoghurt Chef Eric Teo
Chef Eric Teo, culinary director of ET Culinary Arts

MARIGOLD has teamed up with celebrity chef Eric Teo, culinary director of ET Culinary Arts, for MARIGOLD Yoghurt Adventures, which creates healthy and delicious recipes using MARIGOLD Yoghurt that you can easily whip up at home.

Try making this Healthy Fish Head Curry With MARIGOLD Yoghurt.
Click here for the recipe!

Healthy Fish Head Curry With Marigold Yoghurt

MARIGOLD Yoghurt is available at major supermarkets, convenience stores, minimarts and provision stores. Visit for more information.

Brought to you by MARIGOLD.
As feature in the October 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.