Durian calories fat content

It’s durian season again and if you’re a true blue durian fan, you’d probably belong in one of two camps: the purist who eats durian only in its original raw form, or the diehard who loves it in anything and everything – cake, puff, ice kacang, chendol… you get the drift. But before you make a beeline to the nearest durian stall or confectionary stand, the calorie and fat content in these durian-based foods may make you think twice about over-indulging.

The breakdown

  • Durian, raw: One 37.8g seed = 57.83 calories, 1.29g fat
  • Durian puff: One 30g piece = 76.5 calories, 4.83g fat
  • Durian sponge cake: One 64g slice = 139.52 calories, 10.11g fat
  • Durian ice kacang: One 341g bowl = 208.01 calories, 4.09g fat
  • Durian pudding: One 189g packet = 262.71 calories, 8.32g fat
  • Durian chendol: One 398g bowl = 408.75 calories, 19.22g fat
  • Durian mooncake: One 200g piece (whole) = 818.8 calories, 42.2g fat

Looking at the stats, durian-flavoured goodies are indeed fattening, containing a lot more fat than pure durian. So there’s good reason to eat the fruit on its own.

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Eat smart by having no more than three seeds per serving. And space out your durian eating – no more than twice a week!

Nutrient data from the Health Promotion Board.

Text: Estelle Low and Li Yuling / Shape