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#1 Stop biting your nails

This one’s a no-brainer – biting your nails causes uneven ridges and tears in your nails, allowing for moisture (and sometimes bacteria) to penetrate the nail, weakening it. Plus, it’s a really unhygienic habit. 

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#2 Give your nails a break

While gel nails and nail art are really pretty to look at, sometimes your nails just need a couple of days (or even a week) to rest up and be chemical-free. 

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#3 Be gentle with your nails

Nails are actually really delicate and scrubbing nails too hard or subjecting them to wear and tear can expose you to infections. Wash your hands, and remember to clean under the nails as well to keep them free from bacteria.

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#4 Keep a nail file handy

Whether it’s typing on the keyboard or working out at the gym, snags and tears can happen. They’re not only annoying, but can end up subjecting nails to even more damage (anyone had a rough spot evolve into a major breakage? We have). Keeping an emery board on your desk or in your purse can help smooth out rough edges and help prevent breakages. 

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#5 Apply nail strengtheners

Nails have a tendency to be weakened, especially with prolonged exposure to moisture or if you do plenty of activities involving your hands (cooking, craft, typing, etc). It’s important to give them an added boost of strength with nail strengtheners or just to help recover from daily stresses. 

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