Easy tips flatter tummy
Skipping adds variety to your workout and helps build bone mass.

Researchers say the best way to get rid of belly fat is regular continuous aerobic exercise. Even better, the latest research from University of Sydney confirms that aerobic exercise at any level will have benefits in reducing belly fat. Use these effective tips to get a flatter tummy.

The longer, harder and more often you exercise, the greater the benefits. Groups who did low intensity exercise four times a week or medium-to-high intensity exercise three times a week lost more visceral, subcutaneous and liver fat than groups who did only three low-intensity sessions a week. But all three groups got benefits, so however unfit or busy you are, it is worth doing something.

Aim for at least 240 minutes a week of low- to- moderate-intensity aerobic exercise or 135 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise. Working out for at least 30 minutes continuously will give best results but if you can only fit in two 15-minute bursts that’s better than nothing at all.

If you’re a jogger or walker, a study by Duke University Medical Center found that completing at least 27 km per week leads to loss of both visceral and subcutaneous fat.

The more exercise you do the better the results, so choose an exercise you’ll enjoy. It’s worth also considering additional benefits. If you’ve got painful joints, choose swimming. To build bone mass, choose skipping. If you’re always stressed (this can also increase belly fat), get outdoors and try brisk walking.

Calm down Research has shown links between abdominal fat levels and how angry, upset or depressed we become when stressed. A study in the Journal of Obesity found that one of the best solutions to deal with stress and resulting waistline gains is mindfulness-based training like yoga and meditation. It not only raises awareness of stress reactions, it also reduces the likelihood of comfort eating.

✔ The worst thing you can do is nothing. The Duke University study found that a group of non-exercisers had a visceral fat gain of nine per cent in just six months.

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