1. Elevate Your Head When Sleeping
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Elevating your head will help to reduce swelling around the face area and prevent any sort of swelling.

2. Use Sunscreen

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Sun damage can cause the thin skin around your eyes to get darker so, it’s important to load up on sunscreen.We tend to miss the areas below our eyes and just besides the nose bridge when applying sunscreen but they’re the parts that require the most amount.

3. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

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It helps to bring down any sort of swelling and leaves your face feeling refreshed!

4. Don’t Rub Your Eyes

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Rubbing your eyes vigorously can cause the thin skin around your eyes to damage easily and make it easier for dark circles to form.

5. Choose The Right Makeup Remover

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If you love using waterproof eyeliner or mascara, then you’ll know how difficult it can be to remove it. So be sure to get the right makeup remover. Often times, when trying to remove our eye makeup, we tend to get a little rougher with our eyes, causing inflammation to occur.