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If an upcoming wedding, class gathering or day at the beach is giving you jitters, rest easy. Just a few days of prep is all you need to look beautiful and strong. Give these tricks a go, and remember to relax and have fun on that all-important day!


Drink vitamin C
Vitamin C is known to boost immunity, so it will help to keep illnesses at bay on your special day. Plus, this powerful antioxidant also helps to maintain youthful and glowing skin. Try the YOU•C1000 vitamin drink – one bottle contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C and other essential nutrients like vitamin B1, B3 and E. These powerful compounds in liquid form means quicker absorption by the body. Did we mention, this fizzy drink tastes great too? It is a must-have for a quick health boost.

Use face masks and hair treatments
Stick to brands you know and trust. The trick is to use the masks and treatments two to three days before the event to avoid limp locks and potential breakouts from marring your look, especially if you’re trying out new products.

Exfoliate and moisturise
It feels so nice to get a good scrub in, and your skin will look and feel so much better too. Just remember to be gentle, especially when you’re exfoliating your face. Follow up with a good moisturiser for extra smoothness and softness.

Do a quick workout to tone and elongate muscles
The day before the event, add a Pilates, yoga or barre workout to your regular exercise routine to improve your posture and lengthen muscles. These workouts help you stretch and relax different muscle groups throughout your body without making them tense up or look bulky.

Avoid sodium-heavy and bloat-inducing foods
Two days before the big day, stay away from salty foods which will cause you to retain water. You’d also want to avoid foods that cause bloating such as beans, onions, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies.

Use a bronzer and self-tanner
Everyone looks more radiant and slimmer with a sunkissed glow. Be sure to apply bronzer or self-tanner after exfoliation to prevent streakiness. If you’ve never used a self-tanner before, stick with bronzers as you can remove them with makeup wipes if you mess up. To be on the safe side, avoid wearing light-coloured clothes to prevent any telltale staining.

Beauty from within
Being healthy on the inside allows your true beauty to shine through. Having regular exercise, eating the right food and keeping a healthy lifestyle makes you red carpet ready on short notice.


One of the ways to keep healthy is to consume vitamin C regularly. Available in three flavours, YOU•C1000 is made with fresh lemon, orange and apple juice using Japanese technology under license by House Wellness Foods. The drink is Halal-certified and available islandwide at all major supermarkets and convenience stores, at $9 for a pack of six 140 ml bottles.

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