Eyeliner Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
Define your eyes without worrying if your hands are steady enough. (Photo: NARS)

Perfecting your eyeliner can be tricky, especially if you have shaky hands. Try tight lining — a technique where eyeliner is applied on water line. Tight lining creates the illusion of having thicker lash line, and at the same time enhances and brightens eyes.

Who is it best for?

Most people can benefit from tight lining, but it’s the best for anyone with hooded lids as drawing eyeliner the regular way would end up transferring product onto the lids.

How do you tight line?

Use your fingers to gently lift the top eyelid so that you can see the base of your lash line. Carefully draw small stokes across the lash line and make sure that there are no gaps in between. You can also do the same with your lower lash line.

What kind of eyeliner should you use?

Avoid using liquid eyeliner as the product might seep into your eye; use pencil, gel or cream-based eyeliners instead as they glide on better without causing much irritation.

Best Eyeliners For TIghtlining
From left to right: NARS Night Series Eyeliner in Night flight (S$36), Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Closeup Lash Liner – Black (S$28), 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner (S$21), MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Waterproof Pencil (S$34), Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner (S$42), Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (S$41)