Eyes Exercises That Can Help You Relax And Strengthen Your Eye Muscles
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When your eyes get tired and you start feeling the eye strain, but still have some work to do, try these exercises. However, there is no scientific proof that eye exercises will improve your eyesight. Keep in mind that eye exercises will not cure or solve eye issues like myopia, presbyopia, or astigmatism.

There is no harm in trying eye exercises if you do not have any significant eye conditions. But if you have any eye condition like cataracts, blindness in one or both eyes, or a recovering cornea injury, avoid doing these exercises.

The exercises below are not scientifically proven, but in some ways do help relax your eyes.

Palm your eyes

In preparation for the eye exercises, palm your eyes. Closing your eyes and applying light pressure to them will help to relax your eyes. Sit comfortably in a chair. Rub your hands together until they feel warm. Close your eyes and cover them lightly with your cupped palms.

Massage your eyes

Massaging your eyes will help to improve blood circulation around your eyes and face, and prepare your eyes for exercise. Soak a towel in warm water. Rub your neck, forehead and cheeks with the towel. Then, use your fingertips to gently massage your forehead and closed eyes. Make sure you press very lightly on your eyes as you massage them.

Strengthen your eyes

Sitting or standing, place your thumb about 25 centimeters in front of you and focus on it for 10-15 seconds. Now focus on something else about 3-6 meters in front of you. After 10-15 seconds, re-focus on your thumb. Practice this five times.


This is an eye focusing exercise, in which you have to constantly adjust the length of your focus. This purportedly helps strengthen your eye muscles. Sit in a comfortable position. Focus on your thumb as your arm is outstretched. Now bring your thumb closer to you, focusing until your thumb is about 3 inches (approximately 7cm) in front of your face. Now move your thumb away again until your arm is fully outstretched. Do this for a few minutes at a time throughout the day.

Directional eye exercises

Moving your eyes in different directions is purportedly a good way to exercise your eyes. Stand or sit up right. Look straight ahead. Without moving your head, look to the left. Focus on what you see. Then look right. Move your eyes side to side five times. Repeat this three times.

Without moving your head, look down. Focus on what you see. Then, look up. Focus on what you see. Repeat this three times.

Without moving your head, look straight ahead. Then, look down and to the left. Focus on what you see. Then, move your eyes diagonally and look up and to the right. Focus on what you see. Repeat this exercise five times. Then, look straight ahead and do the same exercise looking down and to the right and then looking up and to the left. Repeat this cycle three times.

Ending the exercise

You can end your exercises with palming to relax your eyes after the exercise session. You can also end your eye workout by simply closing your eyes and keeping them shut in a dark, quiet room for several minutes. Let them cool down and rest.

Talk to your optometrist or ophthalmologist about eye exercises. Before you attempt eye exercises, it’s a good idea to get a professional eye exam done.


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