Singing may be his first love but the real way to Nathan Hartono’s heart is through his stomach!

So if you’re looking to impress the 25-year-old musician, you better make sure your cooking skills are up to par and that you can prepare out-of-this-world delicious meals.

It’s pretty well known that Nathan loves him some milo peng (iced milo) but what other foods does the talented singer-actor crave while he’s away bringing pride to the nation in China?

We dug deep to reveal Nathan’s favourite dishes ahead of his performance at the finals of the reality singing competition Sing! China:


Throwback to that bomb #omurice I wish I was having right now. ??

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Like all good Instagrammers, Nathan takes lots of food snaps and videos. Luckily for us, he’s a foodie through and through so there are a plethora of treats for us to visually feast our eyes on his feed. Take this video of some tantalising omu rice that the singer took for example. Yum!


Take me back, you beautiful thing.

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Nathan throws it back with this photo of him enjoying Singapore’s beloved ice cream sandwich. It’s the perfect way to cool down after all that singing. Whatever the reason, we wholeheartedly approve.


pasta from scratch ?✔️ achievement unlocked

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While we can kind of deduce that the homegrown talent has a sweet tooth, it seems as though he can’t get enough of some carbo power either. Here’s a snap he posted of the painstaking, but ultimately rewarding, task of making handmade pasta.


Nathan has made his love of noodles known before and is partial to all kinds it seems but one, in particular, stands out from the rest. Speaking to SoShiok, Nathan said “Bak chor mee is right up there for me. It’s comfort food, my version of a simple bowl of pasta. The best stall in Singapore would be Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles at Crawford Lane.”


Let’s not kid ourselves here…this is what Instagram is really for. #foodporn

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We can’t resist some fresh sushi every now and then, and it looks like Nathan can’t either. He’s a hunger-inducing video the singer put up on Instagram showing jewelled morsels of fresh fish languishing on a bed of rice ready to be consumed with gusto.


Grandma’s dumpling soup (or ‘pangsit’) The secret ingredients are love, nostalgia and garlic.

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Nathan loves dumplings and dumpling soup in particular. But if you’re hoping to whip this up for the heartthrob you better get in his grandma’s good graces first as he loves her version called “pangsit” in Indonesia.


Comfort, thy name is 豆花。

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The classic combination of youtiao and beancurd hits the spot for this indie musician. We bet he can’t resist dunking the fluffy fried dough fritters into his soy pudding either!


The real and ONLY kind of murtabak that counts. heaven.

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Another sweet dish in the form of an Indonesian street food snack. Nathan is partial to some sweet murtabak, a type of thick pancake filled with sugar, chocolate spread, sometimes cheese, condensed milk and ground peanuts. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!


Nathan used to study in Boston, where he says there was a shortage of good food. Instead of heading out to eat, he would cook in the comfort of his home and whip up some comforting and heartwarming dishes like soto ayam (chicken noodle soup).


#Durian to end off a Sunday! Yummmmmm

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Nathan is a durian-fiend and we love that he can appreciate Asia’s king of fruits despite its stinky reputation.


Want To Impress Nathan Hartono? Then You'll Have To Do This_milo_nathan
(Photo: Tiffany Han/Twitter)

Nathan has made no secret of his love of Milo and the brand is stepping up its game and showing some much-needed love to the singer. They’re setting up a Milo van at Plaza Singapura starting tomorrow at 11am to showcase their support for Nathan.

“Win or lose, Singaporeans will get their MILO peng. This is to show our appreciation for Nathan Hartono’s remarkable achievements, as well as all Singaporeans who have contributed to the country in one way or another,” said Mr Chow Phee Chat, Director, Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs of Nestlé Singapore.

Milo is planning to disseminate more vans across various parts of Singapore so keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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