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We focus so much on taking care of our face and skin – why should our hair receive less attention? Drawing from Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) Principles, Beijing 101’s Hair Revitalising Treatment uses premium grade Chinese herbs to rejuvenate and restore strength and vitality back to your hair. Harnessing the essence of TCM, Beijing 101 has developed a solution that goes beyond skin-deep – to cleanse the scalp at the deepest layer for balanced oil secretion and pH, so as to strengthen the scalp’s ability to grow youthful and healthy hair.

The Herbal Hair Revitalising Treatment is an award-winning programme which restores nutrients to your hair and scalp quickly. It helps boost the scalp’s immune system and restores collagen, which has anti-ageing effects. The blend of premium grade Chinese herbs aids in regenerating hair structure with a long-lasting effect, and regular treatment strengthens the scalp and makes hair manageable. This treatment targets all areas of hair and scalp problems and is suitable for both genders.


Wash hair daily
Daily wash and hair care is fundamental for stronger and healthier hair – impurities accumulated during the day may obstruct nutrient absorption. Herbs such as Chinese knotweed root, Chinese angelica root, Wolfberry tree fruit, and Black sesame greatly aid in achieving radiant-looking hair.

Head massages are good for you
Regular head massages stimulate hair growth. It has been shown that receiving a complete head massage in a professional hair care centre regularly has positive effects on hair growth.

Brush it out
Brushing your hair 100 strokes a day may sound like an old wives’ tale, but daily brushing does facilitate blood circulation. Use a natural-bristle brush and take care not to brush your hair while it is wet as it is more prone to breakage.

No plucking!
Plucking out one white hair does not make two more grow in – however, lay off those tweezers! Habitual hair plucking may lead to follicle damage and hair loss. Take preventative measures instead by relying on regular hair care – some Chinese herbs such as He Shou Wu aids in fighting grey hair.

Beware of heat damage
Always dry your hair naturally whenever possible. Otherwise, ensure that you keep the heat source at least 20 cm away from your hair and blow dry to only 70 per cent dryness to prevent loss of moisture and scalp damage.

Eat well
A balanced diet is important for beautiful and radiant hair. Excessive dieting may result in hair loss.

Award Winning Herbal Hair Revitalizing Treatment* @ $39 w/GST (UP $158) and receive
a complimentary hair care kit, worth $108.
*To enjoy the offer, SMS to 9-6868-101. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, visit Beijing 101 at Causeway Point #05-02A, Century Square #04-08, Hougang Mall #05-15, Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-129, Jcube #B1-05, Nex #04-08, North Point Shopping Centre #03-56, Junction 8 Shopping Centre #B1-07A, ONEKM #03-12, or call 6558 8101.

Brought to you by Beijing 101.
As featured in the September 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.