What You Need To Know About Adele's Controversial Weight Loss Method

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On her 32nd birthday, Grammy-winning songstress Adele sent the Internet into a tizzy as she revealed a svelte new figure in her first Instagram post of the year. It’s obvious that the “Hello” singer, who split from husband Simon Konecki last year, has undergone quite the physical transformation.

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Behind this transformation is a whole lot of commitment and effort – amounting to a whopping 45 kg weight loss, according to her personal trainer, mostly credited to the brutal (and controversial) diet she went through.

I used to cry but now I sweat.

Adele, in an Instagram post on October 25, 2019.

At the beginning of January, photos emerged of the singer sporting a considerably smaller frame while enjoying a vacation with celebrity pals Harry Styles and talk show host James Corden in Anguilla, an island in the Caribbean.

She was spotted by fans enjoying herself on the beach, and revealed she has lost around 45 kg.

“At first we barely even recognised her because she lost so much weight,” 19-year-old fan Lexi Larson told People, after meeting Adele at a restaurant in Anguilla.

“She told us she lost something like 100 lbs [45 kg], and that it’s such a crazy positive experience.”While Adele hasn’t publicly commented on her weight loss, she did allude to her new, healthier lifestyle on Instagram back in October.

She captioned a photo of herself: “I used to cry but now I sweat.”

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Did Adele follow the Sirtfood Diet?

Camila Goodis, a PT and pilates instructor based in Los Angeles who trains Adele, explained that while the 32-year-old has definitely embraced exercise, her weight loss is mainly due to her strict diet.

“She looks amazing, she changed her lifestyle, she changed her diet,” Camila said on UK breakfast show Lorraine.

“I believe now she’s into working out, she’s working out more and more but, it’s 90 per cent what she did was diet. There’s no secret, I didn’t help with any diet. She started doing this certain diet and now she’s maintaining just eating healthy. It’s a good diet to shed the weight,” Camila said.

Camila revealed exactly how many calories Adele was eating in a day at the start of her weight loss journey – and the number might shock you.

“The first week is pretty intense … it’s a lot of green juice and 1,000 calories a day,” she revealed. “Giving up processed food, sugar, soda and get into an exercise routine, like cardio and strength training, will change people’s bodies.”

It appears that Adele followed the Sirtfood Diet, a controversial and highly restrictive diet programme designed to jumpstart your metabolism rates by eating foods high in sirtuins (such as apples, turmeric and dark chocolate).

In the book The Sirtfood Diet: The Revolutionary Plan For Health and Weight Loss, authors Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten claim that this diet is made to switch “your body’s fat-burning powers” on.

With that, for the first three days, you’re restricted to eating no more than 1,000 calories a day, including a meal loaded with sirtfoods (like salmon with greens) as well as three matcha and green juices.

The following four sees you upping your calorie intake to 1500, eating two sirtfood-loaded meals and drinking two juices.After seven days of this diet, you enter the second “maintenance” phase, where you eat three balanced sirtfood-based meals and drink one green juice.

1000 calories is the equivalent of 4184 kilojoules. According to Health Hub, a standard Singaporean woman would need around 1,800 calories per day, though a person’s daily requirement would depend on factors such as age, gender, height, weight and activity level.

A dangerous method?

But some of Adele’s fans are worried that her diet is too restrictive – and even dangerous.

“1000 cal per day is not sustainable and you don’t need a personal trainer for this,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another said: “I would be more wowed if these results would have been reached through clean eating with normal calorie intake and training… I am not a professional trainer, but I am qualified enough to know that this is not a very healthy way of losing weight… this is just my opinion for this you don’t have to be a guru… Love Adele either way, but in her new pics she looks tired ?”

A third person wrote: “Adele is gorgeous as always regardless of her weight ❤️”

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Inner transformation

But sources close to Adele say her new transformation isn’t just about losing weight and looking skinny.

“You see, her new look is as much, if not more, a mental thing as it is physical,” a source told People magazine.

“It’s easy to just focus on her physical transformation, but this is really about something bigger. She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. ‘She knew she had to change something because she wants to be the healthiest mum possible.”

Adele has a seven-year-old son, Angelo, with her ex-fiance Simon Konecki.

Disclaimer: Always speak to your GP or dietitian before attempting a new diet.

Text: Now To Love, Additional reporting: Cherrie Lim & Elizabeth Liew