How SQ Girls Stay Slim

#1 It’s a requirement

Many of you might not know this but as part of its grooming guidelines, Singapore Airlines cabin crew are required to stay within a certain BMI range. While we automatically assume that you can’t be overweight, stewardesses should also not be underweight. The kebaya should fit snugly (without being uncomfortably tight, of course) and not too baggy.

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How SQ Girls Stay Slim

#2 The cabin is their gym

Most of us only see SQ girls when they are in the cabin aisle but there’s really a lot more to their jobs than serving passengers. They arrive at the aircraft earlier than the passengers to prepare the cabin for the flight. Duties include arranging heavy stacks of newspapers, dressing the toilet, checking to ensure all the meals are accounted for – all these require plenty of brute strength. Not bad for the usually dainty-looking SQ girl right? They’re actually pretty strong.

That’s just the start of it. Helping passengers with their luggage during boarding and closing the overhead compartments are essentially dead-lifting. Imagine doing that over 20 times on each flight – that’s a lot of calories burnt!

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#3 Squats and walks

Stewardesses average about 50 to 80 squats per meal service and this adds up when there are additional services like drinks service or even a second meal service on a long-haul flight. When passengers are resting, cabin crew are often busy cleaning up the galley, patrolling the cabin, or preparing for landing.

On a flight between Singapore to Seoul, the average cabin crew walks more than 8,000 steps in just six hours. That’s way more than than number of steps some of us take in a day. Now imagine a long-haul flight of 14 hours!

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#4 Sleep is more important

Long-haul flights can be very tiring and some stewardesses might opt to rest instead of having their meals after landing. When adjusting to timezone differences, they might end up waiting much longer so that they can dine at the right time. It’s not recommended to skip meals of course, but that one of the reasons why they stay slim.

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#5 Boredom is a great motivator

Being a cabin crew sounds really exciting in theory – there are plenty of new places to explore and tourist attractions to visit, but the reality is, not all stations are as exciting. Depending on the location of the hotel they put the cabin crew up in, there might be limited amenities nearby. Or if the weather is too hot or too cold to head out, the crew might end up staying in the hotel instead. This means that oftentimes, they end up going to the hotel gym to pass time. Plus, exercise is also a great way of getting over jet lag.

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