Clock on grass
Choose the best time to exercise based on the results you want to achieve.

Morning… to curb your appetite
Do 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise early in the day and you could reduce your motivation for food and your desire to eat afterwards, shows a US study.

Afternoon… to perform at your best.
Your body’s temperature is highest at this time, which may boost the quality of exercise, shows a study. Between 2 pm and 6 pm your muscle strength is at its peak and your risk of injury is lowest.

Evening… to sleep more soundly.
Resistance exercise and strength training can improve your sleep quality if you do it around 7 pm, a study shows. Just stay away from late-night aerobic exercise as it can make it harder to fall asleep.

Text: Good Health, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Zarelda Marie Goh
Photo: Pixabay