Don’t you just hate waking up in the morning to a puffy face? Facial edema is no joke and could point to a serious health condition if not taken care of. Sometimes though, it’s our bodies’ reaction to a diet that’s high in sodium so if you’ve been pigging out on salty foods lately, you may want to revamp your diet and overhaul your eating habits. A puffy face could also be a sign of water retention, which comes as no surprise considering our mostly sedentary lifestyles. To lift and contour your facial skin and give you that covered V-shaped look, follow our easy hack to get you chiseled again in no time. Can’t wait to get the best skin of your life? Watch our video now:

Genius Beauty Hacks: Step Up Your Beauty Game from The Singapore Women’s Weekly on Vimeo.

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Dull Skin? Try This Skincare Hack To Combat Dryness And Bring Back Radiance skin-inc-prize

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Is your skin oily in some places and dry in others? Read on to find out how to tackle your problem zones.

All-in-one skincare products are great but what happens if one area of your face is oily and the others dry? The skin’s condition varies in different areas of the face, so the key is providing tailored care that caters specifically for each problem zone. Get the most out of your products with our customization hack that utilises different serums for the different zones of your face. Can’t wait to get the best skin of your life? Watch our video now:

Genius Beauty Hacks: Customize Your Facial Mask from The Singapore Women’s Weekly on Vimeo.

Missing that glow and want to have radiant skin 24/7? Read on to find out how.

Poor lifestyle choices and environmental factors account for 80 per cent of the skin’s condition. If you’re waking up to a dry and dull complexion, it’s probably a side effect of all the sun you’ve been catching during the day, which leads to dehydrated skin. Combine that with dry air emitted from the air-conditioning in offices and other buildings we’re often holed up in, and it’s no wonder that all the glow has disappeared from our skin. Luckily, we got just the recipe to bring back that long-lost radiance. This genius skincare hack will get you glowing again in no time and teach you how to customise your beauty regimen so you can get the most from your skincare products. Can’t wait to get the best skin of your life? Watch our video now:

Genius Skincare Hacks: Decode. Mix. Love It! from The Singapore Women’s Weekly on Vimeo.