If you’ve always wanted to get glorious beach waves but don’t quite want to risk damaging your locks with a perm, perhaps this Korean beauty trick could help!

Recently, Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Hwang shared how her hairstylist gave her ‘Hawaiian Beach Waves’. The trick, as it turns out, is relatively easy: BRAIDS!

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To master this no-frills trick, you first have to determine how tight you want your curls to be. If you want smaller and tighter curls, segment your hair into small sections and braid them. If you want bigger and looser curls, segment your hair into bigger sections and braid.

After you’re done braiding, spray some heat protectant and blow-dry your hair. Keep it to low heat for more natural looking curls.

Keep your hair away from water and try not to comb your hair so you don’t lose your curls. If you hair gets messy, use your fingers to smoothen it out instead.

Finally, finish off with several spritz of hair spray to keep your hair in place. The trick might seem too easy but if this photo is anything to go by, it sure looks like it works wonders.


Text: Hidayah Idris/Cleo Singapore / Additional Reporting: Atika Lim 

Photos: Tiffany Hwang’s Instagram (@xolovestephi)