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Whether you are a mum raising young kids or a career woman who has set her sights on world domination, the hectic demands of life leave you little time to take care of yourself, let alone spend countless hours trying to get your hair set right for each day.

For a modern hairstyle that is easy to manage, get a Rebonding Perm at Picasso Hair Studio, which will leave you looking effortlessly gorgeous no matter how busy you are. Designed to tame unruly strands that can become frizzy in humid weather, this signature perm softly rebonds the hair near your crown without compromising on the magnitude of your mane.

Meanwhile, a heavier perm is applied at the bottom section so you can maintain maximum volume. This also makes your hair much easier to blow-dry with just a twist of your finger (no styling tools required!), saving you precious time on those hurried mornings.

Their expert stylists will design a customised perm for you by considering your face shape, hair type and lifestyle. In fact, they even sketch out the hairstyle they envision for you – hence, the reason why the studio is named after the artist Picasso! At $409 (4 – 4.5 hours).


Try the Rebonding Perm at a special promotion price of $409 (UP $575) with haircut by hair designer and Kerastase Treatment (additional $20/$40 for haircut by creative director/master trainer).


Picasso Hair Studio is located at:
662 North Bridge Road (near Bugis MRT), Tel: 6291 0691
146 Robinson Road (near Tanjong Pagar MRT), Tel: 6224 0221

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