10 Easy Ways To Put The Shine Back Into Your Hair (5)

#1 Don’t apply hair conditioner directly to the scalp

Applying conditioner directly to the scalp would not only weigh hair down, it might end up clogging the follicles instead. Products which treat hair are usually only required near the ends where the hair trends to be dryer and more brittle.

#2 Use a clarifying shampoo once every week

Some hair styling products like dry shampoo calls for a direct application to the scalp to soak up excess sebum and give it more volume. Daily usage of these products might cause a buildup even if you wash your hair every night. However, a shampoo with clarifying properties would be able to help cleanse the scalp deeply and remove the deposits which have been accumulated.

#3 Don’t use hot water to rinse

Hot showers might be relaxing but avoid using hot water on your hair and scalp. Hot water dries the scalp, which may lead to irritation and flaking. Instead, use lukewarm water to rinse off when you’re in the shower.

#4 Use sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen for the hair exists! If you’re going to be out for an extended period of time in the hot sun, remember to protect your scalp and tresses from sun damage with a sunscreen that’s safe for use on hair.

#5 Exfoliate your scalp

If you think about it, the scalp is an extension of the skin on your face, and if you exfoliate your face, why shouldn’t you do the same for your scalp? A pre-wash treatment like the PHS Hairscience ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir is able to cleanse and lift dead skin cells from the scalp and enable better absorption of hair products that follow. Follicles are also rid of impurities, leaving it feeling fresh and clean.

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ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir $99 (200 ml), from PHS Hairscience