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Hair shedding is common. In fact, we shed around 80 to 100 strands daily. But if you’ve noticed that you’re losing significantly more than this, and if your hair isn’t growing back well, you might need help. 

Hair loss among women is actually more common than you think. Research has shown that about one-third of all women will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime, and the nature of the condition can be divided into two categories: genetic or reactive. 

The former, as its name suggests, is related to your genes, where you are genetically predisposed to thinning hair and hair loss. The latter, on the other hand, is associated with an event that can trigger the excessive shedding of hair. It can be caused by illness, severe stress or even extreme dieting. 

However, there are times where it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for your hair loss, as it could be a result of something that happened several months ago. 

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle, as well as implementing a rigorous haircare routine, might help.

Targeting the root of the problem

At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, the focus is on the use of stem cell technology to provide trichology-based solutions that target your hair woes, whether it is hair loss, damage, thinning or even premature greying.

The reason behind this is because research has shown that hair follicle stem cells are very important in your hair’s degeneration and regeneration – they’re what make hair strong and healthy. And when hair loss happens, it’s because these hair follicles lie dormant and haven’t been activated during the new hair growth cycle.

To address this, PHS HAIRSCIENCE introduced Cell Signal Proteins within its treatments and products. Scientifically, the proteins act as cell-to-cell messengers, sending signals to the hair follicle stem cells and activating them to support new hair growth. 

Today, this unique cell-signalling technology is included not only in the brand’s in-store treatments, but also in some of its home care range. 

Your scalp care SOS

The experts at PHS HAIRSCIENCE show you how to get healthier-looking hair with these three products:

#1: FEM Thickening Shampoo ($54)

Infused with a powerful blend of 20 botanicals, six plant extracts and 17 amino acids, this shampoo not only cleans the hair and scalp, but is said to improve the scalp’s ability to defend itself against oxidative stresses that can aggravate hair loss. 

#2: FEM Stem C Ampoule ($359 for a box of 30 ampoules)

This home treatment is enriched with the brand’s patented cell signalling proteins, oleanic acid and apigenin. How it supposedly works: Oleanic acid is an important active ingredient that blocks DHT, an androgen that can shrink hair follicles, causing hair to become thin, brittle, and even retard new hair growth. Use the ampoules daily for 30 days on towel-dried hair and massage it gently into the scalp.

#3: FEM Stem C Growth Activator ($239)

For an extra boost, this daily leave-on solution contains the brand’s patented cell signalling proteins together with growth factors and biotin. It’s said to deliver energy to the stem cells while supplying nutrients to help hair look healthier. Uncap and roll onto scalp after applying the ampoule and massage gently into scalp.

Not to worry, the men do get it too. PHS HAIRSCIENCE has a similar range for men: HOM Thickening Shampoo, HOM Stem C Ampoule and HOM Stem C Growth Activator. Do note that some of the active ingredients in the HOM range differ from the FEM range as they have been carefully selected to address symptoms and causes specific to men. 

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