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Derma-Rx Trichology Trans-Follicular Serum
While thinning hair occurs mostly in women above fifty, an increasing number of younger women are starting to lose hair earlier due to hormonal change, stress or genetics. It’s time to watch those locks when your scalp begins to thin and your luxuriant tresses feel less full than usual, get onboard with proper hair care to revive that mane.

Derma-Rx Trichology Trans-Follicular Serum Here’s a superb remedy to boost hair growth: Derma-Rx® Trichology Trans-Follicular Serum is a reactivating treatment concocted with a blend of multi clinically proven ingredients. Part of Derma- Rx®’s first hair product range, this brilliant serum promotes healthy hair growth and leaves you with fresh, luscious locks whilst protecting the scalp from external aggressors that can accelerate hair loss. At $109 (30 ml).

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Slough off dead skin cells with Derma-Rx® Trichology Scalp-Clear Prewash, a hydrating deep cleanser packed with fruit enzymes and botanical extracts. It exfoliates the scalp and removes excess oil and dirt, which can clog hair particles. At $65 (200 ml).

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Formulated without parabens, mineral oils and fragrances, Derma- Rx® Trichology Nourishing Conditioner delivers deep moisture and a slew of nutrients to dry tresses for smoothened cuticles and softer, more resilient hair. At $59 (480 ml).

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As seen in the August 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.