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Bioleaf Phase 2 Hair Cleanser

A good hair routine starts with the right cleanser. Think beautifully lustrous, swingy hair when it comes to this game-changing hair loss shampoo, which deep cleanses and restores balance in the scalp for hair growth.

Bioleaf Phase 2 Hair Cleanser

Bioleaf’s Phase 2 Hair Cleanser packs in a punch with various active ingredients to gently slough dirt and residue from oily and fragile scalps, as well as stimulate capillary microcirculation. This helps to strengthen hair roots, prevent breakage and promote quicker hair growth. Step out of the shower to a tingly, refreshing sensation on your scalp and hair with the thoughtful inclusion of menthol crystals and peppermint oil. Your mane is left healthier, shinier and stronger. At $29.

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Bioleaf Scalp Booster TherapyFor thinning scalps, try the Scalp Booster Therapy, which delivers a mix of ginseng, and dang gui to stimulate hair follicles, put off hair loss and restore your scalp’s vitality and resilience. At $39.

Bioleaf Scalp Balancing TherapyA star product for oily scalps: The Scalp Balancing Therapy effectively prevents dandruff, irritations and balances the scalp’s pH levels for better hair growth. At $39.

Bioleaf Hair Growth TonicThe Hair Growth Tonic is perfect for those with existing hair loss. This powerful remedy is chockfull of ginseng, dongquai, white tea and seaweed extract, which stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation. At $49.

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As seen in the August 2016 issue of the Singapore Women’s Weekly.