Yun Nam Hair Awards 2017

Known For:

  • Defying Hair Fall: A full head of healthy hair begins with a balanced scalp. Experts at Yun Nam carefully assess your condition before customising the FASTGro™ treatment to minimise hair fall and improve scalp health.
  • Minimising Dandruff: Banish pesky flakes by restoring balance to oily or irritated scalps. Yun Nam offers a range of treatment formulated specifically to nix dandruff and relieve itchy scalps.
  • Speed Up Hair Growth: Boost hair growth by giving your scalp all the nutrients it needs – strengthening treatments at Yun Nam can fortify hair roots and improve circulation within the scalp for a full, thick mane of hair.


Renowned for their gentle yet effective treatments, Yun Nam specialises in using all-natural formulations to solve hair and scalp problems. Premium herbs such as Ginseng, He Shou Wu, and Dang Gui works to improve hair and scalps affected by a variety of conditions ranging from post-natal hair loss to premature greying. Star treatments include FASTGro™ and Herbalogy™ for comprehensive hair and scalp health.


Hair and scalp analysis, deep cleansing treatments, scalp stabilising treatments, Herbalogy treatments, hair loss prevention,  hair growth treatments.

Prices: Herbalogy package at from $348; FASTGro™ from $300. 

Yun Nam is located at:

  • #02-11,Century Square Shopping Centre, Singapore 529509, Tel: 6262 3232
  • #B1-21/22/23/24, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051, Tel: 6392 3232
  • #03-12A, Blk 205 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530205, Tel: 6836 3232
  • #02-04/05, Jubilee Square, Singapore 569814, Tel: 6457 3232
  • #B1-38/39, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648886, Tel: 6316 3232
  • #02-15, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839, Tel: 6467 3232
  • #03-02/03, 3151 Commonwealth Ave West, Singapore 129581, Tel: 6873 3232
  • #04-06, Woodlands Civic Centre, Singapore 730900, Tel: 6893 3232
  • #02-119, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732, Tel: 6377 3232
  • #03-02, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, Singapore 689812, Tel: 6368 3232


A Yun Nam special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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