10 Ways You're Damaging Your Hair Without Realising It! - Bun Hair#1 Shampoo less

This might sound potentially gross, but washing your hair too much actually causes the dye pigments in your hair to come off, resulting in fading hair colour. Try shampooing once every two days and use dry shampoo for periods in between washes to get rid of oils.

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#2 Rinse hair with cold water

Hot water causes the outer hair cuticles to expand and lift, taking together pigments in your hair when it’s being washed. Rinsing hair with cold water will close up the hair cuticles and seal in the colours so that hair colour stays for much longer.

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#3 Use colour shampoo

Colour shampoos are specifically formulated to clean hair without stripping its colour. Certain ingredients containing sulphates (or sulfates) are known to fade hair colour, so avoid using them on coloured hair. Additionally, there are colour shampoos catered for certain hair colours – purple or blue shampoo helps grey hair remain ashy and silver. They can also be used on blonde hair to keep brassiness away.

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#4 Use colour conditioner

This is a no brainer as well. Some conditioners like the Original & Mineral Conquer Blonde Silver Conditioner and Sachajuan Silver Conditioner contain pigments which bring colour back to faded hair. If you can’t find a coloured conditioner that matches your hair colour, an alternative would be to use fruit-based hair colour (those that don’t require developers) from brands like Manic Panic or La Riche Directions and add them in your conditioner to refresh the colour.


#5 Avoid swimming

Chlorine in swimming pools work the same way as chlorine bleach on clothes – they strip pigments and this is not what you want when you have coloured hair. You might argue that sea water is fine, but back to the first point of avoiding frequent shampooing, no one swims in the sea and not wash their hair after. Plus, UV rays from the sun also fades hair colour.

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