Treat your scalp with a scalp and hair treatment from Beijing 101 Hair Consultants to help delay premature hair loss and promote healthy hair growth

Most people think about scalp treatments as a corrective treatment; something to commit to only when you notice signs of hair thinning or hair loss. When in fact, scalp and hair treatments should be an essential part of your beauty maintenance programme. This is because once you do start losing hair or experience severe dandruff, it takes much more effort to rectify.

Healthy Hair Starts Here

There are many hair centres to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to step into a hair care centre for the first time. An excellent place to start is at 101.

101 has been treating scalp and hair conditions for 46 years. Their hair consultants are highly familiar with the specific scalp and hair problems that Singaporeans experience, so you know you are in good hands.

The important point to note is, with 101 in the market for four decades also means that the targeted scalp and hair care formulas and treatments used are continually researched and improved to work efficiently. 

The warm, minimalist store facade of the Beijing 101 outlet at Funan Mall. / PHOTO: Beijing 101

A Monthly Maintenance Treatment

One such treatment is the O2 Intense Hydrating Hair Treatment. Suitable for all scalp conditions, this scalp and hair treatment is both a corrective and maintenance treatment.

With its dedicated range of scalp tonics, this two-hour customisable treatment can strengthen your scalp, boost hair growth, boost or maintain hair thickness, and also help reduce grey hair growth.

O2 Intense Hydrating Hair Treatment: What To Expect

After a detailed consultation with a Beijing 101 hair consultant, you get a clearer understanding of your scalp condition, and the hair consultant customises a suitable treatment. Your scalp is then treated to a Scalp Purification Therapy and a Herbal Wash, which works to unclog hair follicles and balance the scalp condition.

The cleansing solution is left on the scalp for 20 minutes before it is washed off. Then, a protein treatment for the hair is applied to replenish nutrients. It is left on the hair for 20 minutes to allow the nutrients to penetrate hair strands. A hair wash follows, and a scalp tonic suitable for your scalp condition is applied onto your scalp. 

Your hair consultant then places a warm herbal, sea salt pack over your shoulders before commencing an invigorating scalp, neck, shoulder and upper back massage. Using deep presses and acupoint massage techniques, your hair consultant can put more focus on your scalp, shoulders or back depending on your needs, so you would leave the centre feeling well-rested and refreshed.

At the relaxing treatment area, the hair consultants work to transform your scalp health. / PHOTO: Beijing 101

A Dedicated Hair Care Ritual

To keep your scalp healthy, you can do the O2 Intense Hydrating Hair Treatment once a month if you have an oily scalp, and once every two months, if you have normal to dry scalp.

On your own, “take better care of your scalp and hair by washing it every night,” says Ryxx, Beijing 101 hair consultant. Like how you would use a face serum every night, use a scalp care tonic every night to boost healthy hair growth.

Ryxx adds, “If you are concerned about not being able to cover every part of your scalp effectively with a scalp tonic, you can use a hairbrush with rounded comb teeth (like this) to brush through your hair after tonic application. This would help to stimulate acupuncture points for optimum absorption of the scalp tonic.”

101’s hair tonics are formulated with herbs like ginseng, lingzhi, Chinese Angelica Root and fleeceflower root to improve blood circulation, boost nutrient absorption and counter premature hair ageing. Together with a scalp and hair treatment like the O2 Intense Hydrating Hair Treatment, you’re on your way to healthier hair days.

101 has seven outlets: #B1-18 Funan Mall; #04-03 Century Square; #03-27 Northpoint City (North Wing); #05-02A Causeway Point;  #04-08 Nex @Serangoon Central; #B1-55 Bedok Mall and #B1-05 Jcube.Visit their website at for more information. 

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Whether you are noticing hair loss issues or would simply like to learn more about your scalp condition, make an appointment with the hair experts at Beijing 101. What’s more, first-time 101 customers get to experience the O2 Intense Hydrating Hair Treatment at an introductory price of $42 (U.P. $525). Terms and conditions apply. Make your appointment here.

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