What Your Face Says About Your Health
Your facial features can determine your health. (Photo: Pixabay)

Lines in your eyes

Lines indicate impulsiveness. Your eyes, or specifically, structures called contraction furrows that appear in the iris, can reveal someone’s tendency to be impulsive. These furrows appear as light circles of pigment around the iris, and the more you have, the more impulsive you are likely to be, say Swedish researchers.


US researchers found that the more pronounced a woman’s wrinkles were by early menopause, the lower her bone density. Skin and bone share common building blocks in collagen. The changes in collagen that cause wrinkles are likely paralleled by similar changes that affect bone.

Skin tone

If you have spots on the forehead, puffy cheeks as well as redness and/or red spots on the cheeks, and spots or darkened patches on the chin, you might be consuming too much gluten. Signs of a diet that’s too heavy in sugar include: lines and wrinkles on the upper forehead, sagging under the eyes, spots all over the face, and a greyish or pasty-white hue to the skin.

Large lips

When we breathe in through the mouth, two things can happen to the particles we inhale – they can enter our system or bounce off our lips. The larger your lips, the more particles you bounce back into the atmosphere, say US experts.


Text: Bauer/ Good Health