1. Unruly Curls

Here's How To Fix 5 Common Hair Emergencies_Curly Hair

Solution: Put it up into a bun or ponytail. The volume will create a nice messy updo. Use be sure to use a hair tie that doesn’t snag on your hair and pull it too hard. Accessorise with a ribbon for a chic feel!

2. Hair Looks Greasy or Flat 

Here's How To Fix 5 Common Hair Emergencies_Flat Hair

Solution: Dry Shampoo. However, before you embark on it, make sure that there’s no actual underlying problem like an oily scalp.

3. Flyaway Fringe

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Solution: An easy workaround for that if you’re on the go and don’t have access to a flat iron? Braid it across your forehead. You can make the braid thin (using less hair) or thick (by incorporating more hair), but make sure you secure the end of it with a bobby pin. Of course, a simple fuss-free option is simply pinning your fringe in place, but that look isn’t flattering on everyone.

4. Overwhelmingly Frizzy

Here's How To Fix 5 Common Hair Emergencies_Frizzy Hair

Solution: Get anti-frizz serum or spray. If you have fine hair that doesn’t require something too heavy duty, a great option is Tsubaki’s Damage Care Hair Water (Silky) spray ($16.90). It hydrates and gets rid of frizziness without weighing down your hair. For someone with thicker and more damaged hair, Tsubaki’s Oil Perfection hair oil ($29.90) is nourishing and provides your hair with heat and UV protection.

5. Curls Get Tangled

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Solution: One way to get some quick definition and a nice curl back is to dampen your hair a little and braid it in two sections, tying the ends very loosely.  Gently blow-dry the braids on low heat for a couple of minutes and leave them tied up and done for about 10 more minutes before undoing them. Keep the curls in place with some gentle hold hair spray and you’re good to go!