1. You’ll Get Pimples and Blemishes

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Our hands come in contact with billions, if not millions of germs and bacteria each day. From typing on your computer to touching door knobs, bacteria travels so quickly and once you touch your face, you’re just giving those bacteria particles a chance to transfer and thrive on your face.

2. You Could Accidentally Give Yourself Microscopic Tears

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When touching or scratching an itch on your face, what you might not notice is that you could be inflicting microscopic tears on your skin, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter your body.

If you really have to soothe that itch, use the back of your hand instead, and be extra gentle.

3. Broken Capillaries 

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See those red and thin thread-like veins on your face? They’re a result of broken capillaries.

The skin on your face is sensitive and thinner than most parts of your body so if you’re not gentle, you could accidentally be breaking your own capillaries, resulting in darker eye circles.

Now that you know what the germs and bacteria from dirty hands can do to your face, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Sanitise Your Hands Before Touching Your Face

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The oily secretions on your fingertips can lead to clogged pores, leaving you with pimples and blemishes. Use a portable hand sanitiser to keep hands clean before you touch your face.

2. Clean Electronic Devices That Come Into Contact With Your Face Once A Week


If you use makeup, you’ll know how foundation or concealer can sometimes rub off on your phone and if you don’t clean your phone’s screen often enough, you’ll find that the spot where the phone rests on your face is where you get plenty of pimples and blemishes. So, make it a point to clean your phone and other electronic devices that come into contact with your face once a week.