According to studies, women tend to have a higher percentage of body fat than men. The good news is that a healthy range of body fat for women is between 20 to 25 per cent while men have it tougher at 10 to 15 per cent.

However, women tend to carry more fat cells in their bodies and store it differently from men. For women, fat tends to get stored at the buttocks, hips and legs while men usually store it on their upper body.

If you’re looking to beat weight gain, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) physician Dr Clement Ng has identified and given the TCM remedy to three of the most common causes of weight gain:

Stagnation of Liver Qi (Vital Energy) 

TCM Wolfberry
Wolfberries are loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy antioxidants.

Causes: Overwhelming emotions can disrupt the otherwise smooth flow of qi, affecting the digestive abilities of the body.

TCM Remedy: Boil 10g of hawthorn berries and 5g of ginger in 500ml of water. Drink while warm.

Excessive Internal Phlegm

TCM Barley
Barley water is usually used as a cooling remedy in TCM.

Causes: An inactive lifestyle and a diet of unhealthy foods can often cause the spleen to be damage. Eating irregularly too, can damage the spleen’s ability to function properly.

TCM Remedy: Combine 20g of barley and 10g of melon skin for 20 minutes in water before bringing to a boil. Filter drink and serve warm.

Deficiencies in Spleen and Kidney Systems

TCM Porridge
Much like chicken soup, porridge is great at replenishing much needs vitamins and liquids in the body.

Causes: Various reasons can be responsible for this including genetics, chronic illness and a general unhealthy lifestyle. The spleen and kidney play an important role in the digestive system and help to balance the fluid quantities in the body.

TCM Remedy: With 10g of gordon euryale seeds, 20g of lotus seeds, 50g of Chinese yam and 100g lean meat, make a nutritious porridge with rice and water.

Text/Additional Reporting: Singapore Press Holdings/Straits Times/Joan Chew/Atika Lim
Photos: Pixabay