Whether you’re in your teens or your late 30s, nothing crushes your confidence like getting a giant zit on your face. What’s worse is that these pesky pimples tend to show up in the most inconvenient places — like your nose, or below your chin! 

While we may have passed our teen years long ago (thank goodness for that), acne can still be a problem for adults. Blemishes don’t magically disappear when we hit our 20s and beyond – stress, our diets, and hormonal changes from our monthly cycles, may lead to adult acne and the return of our pimply teenaged days.

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According to studies in Asia and Europe, dermatologists are finding that acne becoming increasingly common in women in their 20s, 30s and 40s; it’s estimated that up to 50 per cent of women may be affected by acne at some point in their adult lives. What’s more, our kids may now suffer from acne, and be in desperate need of a solution.

Hiruscar’s Anti-Acne range is formulated with everything you need to prevent and treat acne, and promises visible results in two days. Non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic, Hiruscar’s Anti-Acne line is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It includes the Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Cleanser, Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Serum and the Hiruscar Anti Acne Spot Gel.

Each product contains:

  • Salicylic acid which exfoliates dead skin cells to unclog pores
  • Aloe vera to soothe and reduce redness on skin
  • MPS (mucopolysaccharide polysulphate) to maintain skin’s moisture

According to a survey conducted by DKSH (Thailand) for females aged 18-25 with acne-prone skin, 98.2% of respondents found their acne condition had improved, and acne inflammation was reduced, within one week of using the Hiruscar Anti-Acne range.

Our testers, aged 20 and 38, tried the Hiruscar Anti-Acne range for eight days: Here’s what they found.

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