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Impulsive shoppers might find themselves spending too much on designer handbags but the good news is, you can make some money out of your pre-owned bags by selling them on digital platforms.

If you have heard of physical stores like My Bag Spa that helps you consign your new or pre-owned designer bags, here’s an easier way for you to do so without leaving the house.

If you need fast cash, head over to Rebagg that buys your designer bags directly from you. There’s no need to wait for your bag to sell on the site itself, as Rebagg will instantly complete the transaction once the condition, designer and price has been decided. As it is based in the U.S, there will be shipment costs applicable for every sell.

Screengrab from Rebagg

Another option is Reebonz, that has a platform called Reebonz Closets where sellers can upload pictures of their luxury items and wait for others to buy them. The seller will only receive the payment, after Reebonz has authenticated the item and after the buyer has received the item.


Screengrab from Reebonz

Associate Merchandiser from the Atelier Team at Reebonz, Samantha Toh says that brands that are typically in better demand are Céline, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. She also shares  how you should take care of your bags so that it can be kept in pristine condition, hence being able to sell at a better value.

1. Always keep your bag in the dust bag that comes along with it. This will prevent colour fading.

2. Never place two leather bags in close contact with each other as the colours might rub off one another.

3. Wipe down the handles with a dry clean cloth, after each use to prevent sweat stains from forming.

4. Maintain your handles periodically with a leather wipe that you can buy from departmental stores.

5. Avoid using water to remove spots or stains as this might weaken the leather and result in more spots. To remove stains, wipe gently on the stained area with a water-soluble pH netural cleanser and a micro-fibre cloth.

6. Air your bag at least twice a month to allow any excess moisture to dry.

7. Fit your bag with its original stuffing to keep it in shape when you’re not using it.

8. When storing, keep your bag strap inside the bag, this will prevent scratches from any hardware on the straps. If you do find any minor scratches, use a clean, dry finger to rub the scratches off. Press gently and rub in a circular motion.