For those of you who think that most makeup looks are unachievable you cause you have single eyelids, here are some useful tips to help you out.

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#1 Prime your lids

Monolids fold in on itself when you blink, increasing the likelihood of eye shadow creasing. Use a good eyelid primer like the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion or the NARS Smudge-proof Eyeshadow Base to help eye colour stay put where you want them.

#2 Streamline the eye

Believe it or not, those with single eyelids have a natural cat eye, which makes it easier for them to pull off heavily-lined eyes. Concentrate on the centre of the eye and draw your eye line thicker to make eyes appear bigger.

#3 Go shimmery

To create the illusion of bigger eyes, dab a little shimmery eye shadow on the centre of the eyelid. Mix in darker shades nearer to the lash line to give depth to the eyes.

#4 Contour, contour, contour

Before face contouring was big, contouring the eyes was a way for everyone to fake a crease on the eye lids. Apply a darker eyeshadow with a fluffy brush on the outer corner of your eye, just below where the eye socket is. Take care to blend and avoid harsh lines so that it’ll look natural.

#5 Try lining the water line

Applying black eye liner on the water line (or as they call it, tight lining) can make lashes appear fuller, but make sure you use a water-proof formula. Using a light coloured eye liner (white, beige or silver) on the inner corner of your eyes can really open it up.

#6 Mind your lashes

Eye lash curlers are fantastic at “opening” up the eyes, especially if you have straight, stubborn lashes. If you’re skilled at the art of putting on false eye lashes, they might even create a fake double eyelid in the process due to the added stiffness on the lash line (we swear it’s true).