How many times have you lay on the bed while getting a facial, and thought, “I wish I could take my facialist home with me”? And don’t you just wish you could recreate that glow you get after every facial?

There are few things that can make us feel as relaxed and pampered as a facial at a spa. It’s the perfect spot of me-time when things get too hectic and you need a little respite from the world. However, actually getting an appointment at a spa for a facial during the festive season and making it to that appointment amidst your already crazy schedule can be challenging to say the least.  

The good news is you can absolutely get that spa-like facial and the glowing skin, in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to find out how.

Create a relaxing atmosphere at home


Start by creating a quiet and relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your room for the next hour or so. Scents have a great impact on our moods and relaxing scents like lavender can calm and soothe you. Light a candle like the Hush Candle Lavender Essential Oil Candle, $35 that will set the mood for your facial at home. You can also cue your playlist with chill songs or relaxing music to really help mimic that feeling of being in a spa. This is also a good time to gather all your skincare and beauty tools you’re going to need for your facial. Next, follow these steps to recreate a spa quality facial at home.   

DIY at home facial steps

Think of your facial as an extended skincare routine that is designed to give your skin some TLC while also helping you relax. Each step helps your skin get closer to that healthy glow you’re after.

1. Double cleanse


Whether you’re wearing makeup, or just starting the day, it’s best to double cleanse when prepping skin for a DIY at home spa-like facial. First, use a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, sunscreen, sebum or impurities. Try the Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Moisture Barrier Cleanser, $45 that effectively cleanses skin while keeping the skin barrier undisturbed. It also helps reduce any redness and maintains skin hydration making it suitable even for sensitive skin types. Follow with a second cleanser that is suited to your skin type and condition. For example those with oily or combination skin could look for one with salicylic acid while those with dry skin could use a milky, hydrating cleanser.  

2. Steam


Another key to recreating that spa-like facial experience is gently steaming your face for a few minutes helps to soften the skin and prepare it for exfoliation. Using a professional grade steamer like the Dr. Dennis Gross Drx Pro Facial Steamer, $420 that creates a micro steam using ultrasonic technology helps to properly balance, hydrate and detox skin. Plus it has two heat settings, which makes it ideal for those who cannot tolerate extremely high temperatures.

3. Exfoliate


This step of the facial ensures all the dead skin is effectively removed to reveal radiant new skin. Buffing off all the dead skin also allows your skincare to be better absorbed. The key to getting this step right and not irritating the skin is to use a gentle enzyme exfoliator like the Fenty Skin Cherry Dub Superfine Face Scrub, $42. Packed with fruit enzymes, caffeine and super fine sugar, this clean, vegan and gluten-free scrub helps slough away dead skin and refine skin texture. Using small circular motions and gentle pressure massage it all over your face, paying special attention to any areas that are prone to flakiness. Just remember not to over do it.  

4. Soothe and rejuvenate skin


Now that your skin is cleansed and buffed, it’s time to shine a light on it—an LED Light that is. LED light is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits while triggering the skin to produce more collagen to help rejuvenate, reduce redness and improve the look of fine lines and most spas now incorporate it during a facial.  

It’s best to use a medical-grade home use LED mask like the Omnilux Contour Mask, $650, which has a combination of red at 633nm and near infrared at 833nm LED wavelengths to help you get all the benefits of LED light. It’s also FDA approved and safe for the eyes. LED light masks are best used on clean skin, however, if your skin feels dry, you can always use it over a sheet mask from the same brand. Adding an LED light mask to your at-home facial is a crucial step, but using it on an everyday basis will get you the results you’re looking for.

5. Lift and tone


If you’re looking to tackle lax skin, it’s a good idea to add a microcurrent device to your at-home facial routine. Microcurrent devices like the Foreo BEAR Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, $539 help to lift and tighten skin using a combination of microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations. They work by safely channelling microcurrents of electricity into the skin, which then break down the cells that eventually grow back stronger. This whole process gives skin its youthful appearance. The BEAR Microcurrent Facial Toning Device needs to be used with a conductive serum like the Foreo Serum Serum Serum or a conductive anti-ageing serum for best results.  

 6. Hydrate and replenish


Now that your skin is buffed, soothed and toned, it’s time to replenish moisture levels with a sheet mask. Sheet masks are a great way to hydrate skin because they act as an occlusive for the 15 to 20 minutes that they’re sitting on your skin. Choose a sheet mask to suit your skin’s needs. Dry skin types will enjoy rich, hydrating masks while those with oily or combination skin types will enjoy lighter, pore-refining masks that help balance skin. Whichever mask you choose to use during your facial, get the most of your mask by massaging in the remaining serum with Medicube Age-R Booster-H, $498. This device creates temporary channels in the skin that help the skincare penetrate deeper allowing you get the best benefits from your masks and serums. It can also be used around the eye and helps to restore radiance to dull skin.

Once all the serum has been absorbed, end your facial by applying your moisturiser—and sunscreen, if you’ve recreated your spa experience during the day and you’re good to go.