We’re constantly glued to our smartphones and countless reports have surfaced about how using your phone or any other electronic device just before bed could actually interfere with your ability to get a good night’s sleep but what if… Your iPhone could actually help you sleep better?

We show you ways that your phone could help you get some much needed rest, without the stress:

  1. The Night Shift Mode
Iphone Night Shift Mode
Night Shift mode filters the blue light on your phone so you sleep better. (Photo credit: Screenshots from iPhone)

A new feature in the iPhone iOS 9.3 update, Night Shift mode applies a blue light filter on your smartphone’s backlight to let you sleep better. Blue light slows down the production of melatonin (a hormone that tells our brains it’s time to sleep) that’s produced in your body so putting a filter over it will help produce melatonin naturally.

To get this feature, simply turn update your phone’s software, tap on Settings and switch on Night Shift in Display and Brightness.

2. The Do Not Disturb Icon

If you’ve always felt like your iPhone’s notifications were stopping you from relaxing just before bed, here’s how you can turn it all off without having to go into Settings and ticking off the notifications of every app.

Pull up the Control Center and tap on the moon icon to activate Do Not Disturb. You can still use your phone as per normal but there won’t be sound or physical alerts so you’ll be more relaxed just in time for bed. The best part is that you can actually set timings to start and stop this mode and it won’t interfere with your morning alarms.

3. Sleep Genius 

Sleep Genius for Iphone
Sleep Genius is a sleep tracker and app that helps you learn about your sleep patterns. (Photo credit: Screenshot from Sleep Genius)

Developed by the same guys who helped NASA astronauts get to sleep while in space, Sleep Genius is an incredible iPhone app that’s also available on Android. The app features a Relaxation Program that was scientifically created to reduce anxiety or stress and calm the mind and body.

You also get a personalised sleep report so you understand your sleep patterns better and know the best times to fall asleep and wake up.

4. 3 Minute Mindfulness

3 Minute Mindfulness is another app aimed at helping you achieve relaxation before sleep. The app has breathing techniques that can easily help put you to sleep in minutes!

5. Dim The Lights Even More 

Iphone Dimmer Backlight
Dim the lights on your iPhone further to sleep better at night. (Photo credit: Screenshots from iPhone)

If you’ve always wanted to dim the backlight of your iPhone even more than the Control Center allows you to, here’s some good news: You can!

To do so, tap on Settings. Click on General > Accessibility > Zoom. Turn Zoom to ‘On’ and triple tap your home screen with three fingers. A pop up menu will appear and pick the Low Light filter. Afterwards, exit by tapping anywhere on screen and you’re good to go! To activate, simply press the Home button three times for a dimmer screen.

Main Photo: Pixabay