Jessica Sinclair Shows 5 Easy Yoga Poses Will Help Tone Your Body

Practising yoga daily is an amazing and healthy way to start or end your day—releasing negative energy and nourishing your soul with positivity. While hitting the yoga studio daily might seem like a luxury for most of us, you can still practice the art in the comfort of your home. Stretch out with Jessica Sinclair, founder and yoga trainer of The Yoga Mandala, and get those muscles toned with these easy yoga poses.

  1. Stretch Tight Calves With Pyramid Pose

Jessica Sinclair Shows 5 Easy Yoga Poses Will Help Tone Your Body

The Pyramid Pose is a spectacular stretch that allows practitioners to choose the intensity of their calf stretch by raising their back heel for a more relaxing stretch and placing their heel down for a full calf stretch. Practitioners should focus on squaring the hips by plugging the front leg back into the hip.

2. Relax Sore Necks With Downward Facing Dog


The Downward Facing Dog allows for the entire back of the body to stretch out. When one experiences tightness in the neck, it could be because the muscles of the back and legs are tight. When in Downward Facig Dog, practitioners should tuck their chin into their chest and gaze at their belly button to allow their chest and gaze at their belly button to allow their neck to get a full stretch. Practitioners can start off with heels up and belly to the thighs and slowly work their way into bringing the heels down and extending the legs fully.

3. Get Abs With Tiger Curl


The Tiger Curl is similar to crunches, except done in a prone position. Practitioners start from a plank position and bring the knee in the nose to work the transverse abdominals. To increase intensity, practitioners can then bring their knees in to the nose, then to the triceps to work their oblique as well.

4. Hamstring Flexibility With Seated Forward Fold


The Seated Forward Fold allows for practitioners to be in control of the intensity of their hamstring stretch. For practitioners with very tight hamstrings, they can start off with knees bent and stomach to their thighs. It is important for one keep their backs straight. For practioners with no issue in flexibility, they can fold forward all the way and aim to bring the crown of their head to their feet.

5. Toned Arms With Chaturanga


The Chaturanga is one of the most fundamental movements in yoga. It is a puship with elbows grazing the sides of the ribs held at 90 degrees. Practitioners looking to build strength can start off by placing their knees on the mat and having their body kept in a plank position, whereas intermediae to advanced practioners can experiment with knees off the matt and lengthening their time in the position by a few more breaths.

Text: Desiree Liew/Harper’s Bazaar Singapore