You can’t deny that the contouring trend is huge right now. From face, neck, collarbones and abs, it seems as though we’ve ran out of body parts to sculpt, until this new trend surfaced – leg contouring.

The trend involves strategically applying bronzer and highlighters on different sections of the legs to make them appear tone and slim.

We don’t deny that it does make legs look great when you’re wearing skirts, but there are more cons than pros here. It’s obviously very time consuming, and we’re pretty certain that make-up wears off faster on legs than on your face. Plus, you’re bound to leave embarrassing make-up stains on every chair (and toilet bowl) you sit on. 

The verdict: A little self-tanning lotion is great for those with pale legs, but we wouldn’t discontinue squats and leg presses for this trend. You’re much better off giving this a miss than to stop working out.

Photo: Pixabay