Welcome to Letters To My Daughter, a series of web posts celebrat”Stay True To YOurselfing mother-daughter relationships this Mother’s Day. Five mums share heartfelt, honest notes to their girls, to express their love and to empower them with their words of wisdom. 

This letter is from working mother-of-two, Tan Su-Lyn, co-founder and CEO of strategic content agency The Ate Group, to her daughter Tara. Read more about her thoughts and tips on momlife at @sulyntan and chubbyhubby.net.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Tan Su-Lyn &Tara _Shiseido

My Darling Daughter,

I am only beginning to discover you. Yet, I suspect that you will navigate life with great fortitude. Never forget the fire you have in your belly, nor your capacity to temper it with sweet gentleness and affection. You are who you are. I admire that. And I’m not here to change you.

As your mother, it’s my responsibility to help you acquire the capacity to harness your strengths, to find your purpose, and to make a positive difference in the lives of the people around you. Our relationship may prove challenging, little one. But know that I love you. My actions, no matter how misguided they may seem, always stem from love.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Tan Su-Lyn &Tara _Shiseido_1
Savouring the moment.

Beauty and intelligence are great advantages in life. But should you not be blessed with either, all is not lost. To lack one or both is NOT a disadvantage. Don’t mire yourself in the pursuit of what is not there.

A woman should always be well groomed. She should work hard at keeping herself well educated throughout her life. But leading a happy and meaningful life does not solely rely on the symmetry of your features or the magnitude of your IQ score.

Be independent. Stay true to yourself. Learn to love yourself for who you are, to embrace your strengths, to acknowledge your weaknesses, to allow yourself tears when they’re needed and then to pick yourself up.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Tan Su-Lyn &Tara _Shiseido_3
Tara with mum Su-Lyn.

Be self-reliant. This applies to matters of finance, as well as of the heart. Never place yourself in a situation you cannot walk away from. Be there by choice.

Be hardworking. You’re persistent by nature. Learn to translate this into industriousness and resilience.

Be happy. Show gratitude for what you have. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Laugh out loud. I cherish your sense of humour.

Most importantly, be kind. Through empathy, I hope kindness, generosity, humility and patience take root in your heart. Because our lives are not ours alone.

Love always,

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