Welcome to Letters To My Daughter, a series of web posts celebrating mother-daughter relationships this Mother’s Day. Five mums share heartfelt, honest notes to their girls, to express their love and to empower them with their words of wisdom. 

This letter is from CEO and founder of VLV and Chief Executive Mummy of Mummyfique.com, Dolores Au. The busy, multi-tasking mother to five daughters addresses this letter to her eldest, Elizabeth.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Dolores and Elizabeth_Shiseido

To My Darling Elizabeth,

My child, you will be turning 18 this year and I would have had the privilege of celebrating Mother’s Day for 18 years because of you. Our little family has grown from one to two, then three and now, you have four sisters. And while I love each and every one of you in your own inimitable way, you will always be my first-born star.

You seemed an impatient one and you howled your way into this world before your time. I thought I had a feisty firecracker to deal with, one who was exactly like myself: Hot-headed, impatient and yes, loud, but you turned out to be the exact opposite.  Although you were premature, you were a healthy, perfect baby and you made the first years of motherhood seemed like a walk in the park.  Your patient, gentle disposition made it so easy, and yet so difficult, for me to live apart from you while I was struggling to make ends meet with a new business and frequent travels. By then, you were a happy, chubby two-year-old and I was a single mother.  

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Dolores and Elizabeth_Shiseido_2
Dolores with her first-born star.

Those years, when I would wake up in the morning wondering how I was going to pay for the month’s rent or foot the bill for a client’s lunch without busting my close-to-limit credit card; when I would come home from a bad day, eyes puffed up from quiet tears of exhaustion. When it would have been easier to just give it all up, it was thoughts of you that kept me going. 

Over time, while I mothered you the best I knew how – which to me, always never seemed good enough – you bloomed into this beautiful, intelligent, gentle, big-hearted and loving young lady. I barely felt the years past, yet I am 18 years older now and because of you, I have learnt to be a better mother to your little sisters. You were with me from the start and throughout the struggling years, when you deserved more than a part-time mother, you were a stellar daughter – one that any mother would be infinitely proud of.

Mother's Day _Letter to my daughter_Dolores and Elizabeth_Shiseido_3
Dolores says Elizabeth has made her a better mum to her sisters, including the youngest, one-year-old Laura.

And throughout those years even when work would take me away from you on Mother’s Day, you never failed to wish me nor make me a little gift. This Mother’s Day, on your 18th year, Mummy wants to tell you what a blessing you have been to me, that you have been my strength when I needed it most and the reason for my hard-fought successes in life. I love you dearly and thank you for being my daughter.

Always and Forever,

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