If you have oily eyelids and experience your eyeliner melting by midday, your quest for liquid eyeliners is over! We’ve collated a list of the best liquid eyeliners on the market that will not smudge, and at different price points.

P.S. While the tester reviewed these without applying eye primer, you can always use eye primer to make your eyeliner last even longer!

Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, $19.50, Heroine Make

Credit: Heroine Make

With a new and improved formula that contains super-keep polymer, Heroine Make’s liquid eyeliner has a smudge-free resistant film that is immune to tears, perspiration water and sebum. It also has a 0.1mm tip which makes it easier to draw precise lines and winged eyes.


Point Made Liquid Eyeliner Pen, $35, One/Size by Patrick Starrr

Pros: This eyeliner really lasts all day and only takes about 15 seconds to dry. The felt tip is very flexible, which makes it easy to draw your wing tip.

Cons: Since it only needs about 15 seconds to dry and can’t be easily rubbed off, make sure your wing-drawing skills are in tip-top shape, if not you risk having to remove it and start over!


Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner, $34, KVD Beauty

Not all eyeliners are created equally and KVD Beauty’s Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner makes the case for that. Like its name, the product doesn’t transfer, even on hooded eyes and has a 4.2/5 rating on Sephora. It also has a very slim tip so that you can create a precise wing.


Nuance Look Liquid Eyeliner, $31, Jill Stuart

The formula contains a film-forming agent resistant to sweat, tears, water and rubbing to achieve not just a durable but a gorgeous colour too. The sheer black formula blends effortlessly into your lash line, giving a naturally-enhanced look. It’s also super easy to apply, thanks to the unique brush which has just the right mix of firm and soft. A foolproof and waterproof eyeliner – what’s not to love?


Intense Ink Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, $22, Sephora Collection

The ‘gel-ink’ technology used here makes the liner extremely easy to apply, with little effort required. Say goodbye to struggling in front of the mirror for minutes each day, just to get your eyeliner right. Plus, the 0.3mm applicator tip might be ultra fine but it packs a punch and feels like you’re using a brush. Choose between satin or metallic finishes then get ready to dazzle everyone with your stylish eyes.


Maneater™ Liquid Eyeliner, $31, Tarte

If the name itself isn’t enough to entice you to pick up this eyeliner, we don’t know what will. It’s also ideal for anyone who loves statement eyes. The micro-brush tip is smooth on your lashes so you can easily add more product to amp up the drama. The formula also contains castor oil which helps to nourish and moisturise your lashes so go ahead and use them all day, every day – your lashes will thank you for it.


Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner, $31, Too Faced

The packaging is inspired by Japanese calligraphy pens so not only does this look elegant, you’ll also get to pretend you’re an artist working on a blank canvas every time you put on eyeliner. The precision-control felt tip gives smooth, even coverage. It’s even easy to draw cat eyes, if you’re so inclined. There are many colours to choose from so it’s what you need if you’re looking for everyday use or a bold, unique look.


Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner, $33, Fenty Beauty

You’ve heard the song Walks Like Rihanna? Well, now you can “lashes like Rihanna”! Fenty is, of course, the brand by the pop star. Between the hyper-saturated satin finish, the easy-grip triangle shape and the innovative flex tip, we can’t decide what we love most about this product. And if it’s good enough for RiRi, it’s good enough for us.


Eyestudio Hypersharp Laser Liner Intense Black, $19.90, Maybelline

After trying a hoard of eyeliners over the years, I always find myself reaching for my trusty Maybelline Eyestudio Hypersharp Laser Liner. It’s well-loved for many good reasons. One of which includes its utmost precision for drawing lines. It goes on steadily in one fluid stroke and delivers richly pigmented colour. But the best part is that it doesn’t smudge on oily eyelids. It is easy to use and has great staying power; it draws on slick, smooth and intense, and lasts the entire day!


ArchLiner Ink – Stylo Eye Liner, $45, Shiseido

Credit: Sephora

Precision is key when you’re trying to ace your eyeliner game. To keep it on fleek, look over to Shiseido’s highly raved ArchLiner Ink. Achieve clean lines and have easy control with the angled tip of this eyeliner so you can easily draw it without twisting your wrist. Besides that, it also provides 12 hours of waterproof colour! Side note: it does take some time getting used to but once you do, it’ll all be worth it.


Super Sharp Liner EX2.0, $18.90, Kate Tokyo

Credit: Watsons

Hate having to deal with spots between your eyelashes after applying your eyeliner? We’ve got the perfect solution. This Super Sharp Liner by Kate Tokyo is super soft but precise, and it allows you to fill in the spots easily for a smooth application thanks to its fine brush tip. It’s also formulated to repel sweat, water and sebum, and can easily come off with warm water, so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing your eyes when you’re removing it.


Precision Liquid Eyeliner, $12.90, SilkyGirl

This liquid eyeliner from SilkyGirl is waterproof, pigmented and super affordable. It’s formulated to ensure a smooth, one-flick application, making it the perfect liner option for days when you’re in a hurry but still need to amp up your makeup look. Plus, since this liner is waterproof, it should stay on all day – no touchups required.


Easy Pen Eye Liner, $12, 3CE

This liquid eyeliner is great for days when you gotta go fast, as the sponge tip (as opposed to a longer brush tip) gives you greater control. It also glides onto the skin smoothly and forms a film as it dries down to a smudge-proof finish. As with most film-type liners, this product can be easily removed with warm water.


Matte Liquid Liner in Black, $14, Nyx Professional

The formula goes on glossy and quickly dries to a matte finish without flaking off over the day. The fine brush tip is the perfect length for creating long skinny lines and wing tips without being unwieldy. It lasts all day without smudging but takes some effort to remove.


Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black, $18.50, Bourjois

An intensely black liquid liner that stays fade-proof for up to 16 hours, and doesn’t transfer even on oily lids or hooded monolids. But be warned – the dip brush picks up a lot of formula, so you will need to take off the excess before applying to prevent mistakes, unless you’re a fan of very thick liner. Not for newbies.


Ex Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black, $19.90, Browlash

The felt tip is smooth, yet firm enough to give even beginners good control, and dispenses an intensely black formula that stays smudge-proof and sebum-resistant. It doesn’t smudge even when applied on the lower lashes.


Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo in Brown Black, $19.90, K-Palette

If black is too intense, and brown too subtle, then the deep brown pigment of this waterproof and smudge-resistant liner is perfect for that polished look without looking too done up.


Impact Liquid Eyeliner Super Waterproof Black, $18.90, Kiss Me Heroine Make

The dip-brush eyeliner picks up the perfect amount every time – there’s no need to brush off excess. The pigment is super black so one layer is enough. However, the applicator, while soft and gentle, may be challenging for eyeliner beginners, as it requires more control to apply. The formula is so lasting that an oil-based cleanser is needed to remove it.


Proof 10 Gelquid Liner in BK801, $18, Etude House

The fine brush tip glides over the lash line smoothly, dispensing a thick formula that dries to a vivid black and gives the effect of a gel liner – but without the tedium of using a pot liner with a separate brush that needs to be cleaned daily. Be warned: it dries quickly and stays put, making it difficult to make any corrections.


Liner Feutre in Ultra Black, $19.50, Bourjois

Extremely pigmented, this felt-tip liner gives a thicker line that glides on effortlessly for a ’60s cat-eye or a rebellious-rocker look. It dries to a matte finish, and sets without transferring or smudging in spite of how black it is – you need to be a little more practised, using this eyeliner.


Text: HerWorld