Being sick (but not sick enough to skip work) has to be the most torturous thing. Follow these tips to look better than you feel.

How To Look Good When Youre Sick
There’s no reason to look worse than you feel with these make-up tips. Photo: Pixabay

#1 Skip black liner

Whatever your illness is, your eyes may be tired or red. Counteract it by using white or nude eyeliner on the inner rim of your lower lash line. Apply it on your brow bones to make you look fresher and more awake. You can also use it on your Cupid’s bow to accentuate it.

#2 Go with the glow

Hide all traces of dull, lifeless skin with an illuminating primer — it’ll give you the glow you so desperately need. It’s also the best time to break out the dewy foundation and load up on the highlighters.

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#3 Use concealer

The most telling signs of sickness are present on the nose and eye area. Brighten the under-eye area and hide redness around the nose with concealer. If you’re sporting a runny nose, touch up by patting BB cushion foundation lightly around the area. It is also a good idea to use one with a hydrating formula to prevent it from dryness and flaking.

#4 Put on lipstick

Skin can appear pale and lifeless when you’re under the weather, and a bright lipstick will do well to distract everyone from your sallow complexion.