LarrySays How To Get Flawless Radiant Skin

#1: Use a primer

Foundations with dewy finish have a tendency to slide especially in our weather. Help foundation stay put by applying primer so that it adheres and stays on better. If you have oily skin, use a primer which controls shine. Radiance-enhancing primers often contain shimmer, so use sparingly to avoid looking like a disco ball.


LarrySays How To Get Flawless Radiant Skin 1

#2 Use the right tools

Use a flat top brush to apply foundation as it ensures an even and high coverage. “For those who prefer sponges, try using the shu uemura Lightbulb Sponge,” advised Larry “The rounded end allows you to apply liquid foundation easily, controlling the coverage with ease.”


LarrySays How To Get Flawless Radiant Skin 2

HIGHLIGHT: Keep the glow natural by applying subtle highlighter to the cheekbones, nose bridge and Cupid’s bow. Those with pale skin might want to use a pink-based highlighter, while tanned skin looks amazing when gold-toned highlighters are applied. Highlighters don’t always have to be shimmery — matte highlighting powder accentuates cheek bones just as well.

LarrySays How To Get Flawless Radiant Skin 3

Bonus points:

  • Always touch up. “In our weather, skin can look greasy and patchy after a while,” shared Larry. “Take the effort to blot away extra shine and touch up so that skin looks flawless at all time.”
  • Oily skin can look even greasier with shimmery highlighting powder. “Use products that have mattifying properties like the M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone to control shine,” suggested Larry.
  • It’s okay to mix foundations. If skin is oily on the T-zone, use oil control foundation on the forehead and nose, and apply BB creams with dewy finish on the sides of the face to give it more dimension.