8 Lightweight Foundations for People Who Hate Make-up

Makeup is supposed to conceal flaws and enhance your features, but what happens when it ends up working against you? Find out if you’re unwittingly adding years to your face with these foundation mistakes.

#1 Picking the wrong formula

You may have found your holy grail foundation when you were younger, but skin changes with age and what works for you then, might not work for you a few years down the line. As skin tends to dry out with age, a more emollient foundation with dewy finish might work better. Avoid matte finish if you have dry skin as the foundation would settle into the lines and emphasize them.

#2 Using too much powder

Loose powder is used to mattify and set the foundation, which really works if you have oilier skin. However, using loose powder on dry skin really just dries it out even more. If you have combination skin, apply loose powder only on the T-zone to help it stay matte.

#3 Applying too much foundation

Applying more foundation isn’t going to keep skin moisturised. Instead, these excess foundation are going to settle into lines and highlight the wrinkles on your face. If you made a boo-boo by applying too much, take a piece of tissue and lightly press it on your face to remove excess foundation.

#4 Wear a shade or tone that is wrong

Some foundations and BB creams have a grey tinge that can make skin look dull. Highlight your skin’s natural radiance by using the correct foundation shade and tone. It helps greatly if you can test the foundation in natural lighting as most store lighting don’t give an accurate portrayal of the foundation and can look off once you step out. It takes a bit more effort, but it’s better than shelling out money for a foundation you can’t use.

#5 Not using primer

Most people step to skip this step as they feel it is not necessary, but using a primer can extend the wear and performance of your foundation. Primers smooth out the texture of skin to create a perfect canvas for foundation to go on, this means that lines are less apparent and makeup stays on longer.