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#1 Setting

Okay, so this one is a no brainer but applying loose powder will help set your foundation and mattify skin, especially if your foundation leaves a dewy finish. Depending on your preference, you can use either powder or brush. We prefer rubbing powder into the puff (by folding the puff into half), and dabbing it on the skin to prevent an overly-powdered look.

#2 Baking

Baking involves leaving a thicker layer of loose powder over foundation and concealer and letting it sit before dusting them off. The idea is to let your body heat set your makeup and letting the powder absorb excess sebum and oils. After about 10 minutes, you can sweep off the excess powder for a smooth and matte finish.


#3 Dry shampoo

If you run out of dry shampoo, you can dust on translucent loose powder with an old brush near the roots to soak up oil. Let it sit before brushing through your hair to avoid leaving white flakes behind. A word of caution though, this method should only be used in times of emergency and not an actual replacement of your dry shampoo.

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#4 Catch eye shadow fall out

Besides letting the makeup on your under-eye area bake while you do your eye makeup, leaving a thicker layer of loose power will ensure that fallen pigments from your eye shadow won’t ruin the makeup on your cheek and under-eye area.

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#5 Highlighting

Some loose powder contain shimmer, which makes it excellent for subtle highlighting. Use sparingly though, dusting it all over the face is a look best left for Edward Cullen. Concentrate the shimmer loose powder on the nose bridge, cheekbones and centre of forehead.

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