10 Eyeshadow Primers For Flawless Eye Makeup_Featured Image#1 Using just one mascara to lengthen, curl and voluminise

Sure, there are mascaras that will promise both length and volume but what you really want is a mascara for each purpose. Start with a lengthening mascara and then put on a coat of voluminising mascara for added oomph.

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#2 Leaving excess product on the wand before applying

Ever wondered why you end up with smudges at the corner of your eyes when applying mascara? That’s due to the excess mascara on the end of the mascara wand that’s causing it. Always wipe it off on a piece of tissue or scrape it off on the edge of the tube to get rid of the excess before combing through your lashes.

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#3 Not throwing your mascara away after three months of use

When it comes to product you apply on your lashes (or even lash line, because they’re so close to the eyes), it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Mascara tubes are great breeding grounds for bacteria and what you really want to do is to throw them away after three months of use or run the risk of eye infection.

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#4 Only applying mascara on your top lashes

Don’t neglect your lower lashes! Those with hooded eye lids might end up looking tired if mascara is only applied on the top lashes. Applying mascara to your lower lashes would balance out the look and make your eyes appear larger.

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#5 Not using an eyelid primer

It’s not just eyeliner or eye shadow that slides around on your eyelids during the day. Putting on eyelid primer will ensure that the product does not transfer, especially if you have oily lids.

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#6 Only using the mascara wand horizontally

The classic move for mascara application is to wiggle it horizontally at the base of the lashes and to comb through it after, but holding your mascara wand vertically will really help you reach the tiny lashes on the inner corner of your eyes, as well as those on your lower lash line.

10 Foods That Could Cause Acne_Featured Image#7 Pumping the mascara wand furiously to get the last dreads of the mascara out

Pumping the wand in and out of the tube introduces bacteria into your mascara. The motion also lets air in, which dries out the mascara and leaves you with uneven spidery lashes when you put it on. Instead, use a twisting motion to get the last bits of mascara out, and toss it when you’ve used it for three months.

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#8 Trying out all the weird mascara hacks you see on Pinterest

There are many beauty hacks involving mascaras you can find on the Internet – from adding eye drops to revive clumpy mascara, to using fibres from cotton pads to plump up individual lashes. All these hacks can potentially irritate your eyes as they call for items that are not used for their intended purpose. Plus, they’re not tested to be safe for use with mascara. Always practice safety before putting on something so close to your eyes.

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