Disclaimer: I can’t take full credit for this little makeup hack, since I discovered part of it by watching a makeup artist or two use it on me.

Having said that, I’m also not a huge fan of mascara. For starters, I have really sensitive eyes and lashes that fall out quite easily. I prefer more natural looking formulas because anything too clumpy that makes my lashes stick together will bug the hell out of me all night long: I’ll not only notice it every time I glance at my reflection, I’ll also be able to feel my lashes tugging which further irritates my eyes.


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#1 Wipe off excess

The first thing you can do to achieve a thinner and more even coat of mascara? Wipe the wand with a tissue before swiping it across your lashes. A tissue will remove the excess product that might clump up your lashes, also allowing you to go in with a second coat with less resistance and therefore less tugging on your lashes.

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#2 Keep your favourite wand

Secondly, if there’s a mascara you really loved for the wand and it happens to be a rubber one (which is easier to disinfect), keep it after throwing the rest of the tube away. Making sure it’s clean before each use, you can stick that wand into whatever other mascara you have and use that instead.


#3 The more, the merrier

Lastly, keep a pack of disposable spoolie brushes on hand, and when the mascara you’re applying starts looking clumpy, take a disposable brush and run it through your lashes to get rid of the clumps. It’s important that you do this while the mascara is still wet, so you can comb through your lashes more easily.

And that’s it! We hope these three handy hacks have given you a little more wiggle room with your mascara application. Now you too can make any mascara look gorgeous and lengthening without the clumpiness.

Text: Alyssa Dhaliwal / Her World Plus Additional reporting: Arissa Ha

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