The Makeup Looks Inspired By This Painting Are Out Of This World-Galaxy Freckles Featured
Watercolour painting of galaxy freckles by Qinni Art has taken the Instagram world by storm.

The mesmerising work in progress painting video by Canadian Chinese artist Qinni has inspired many of us to want to pick up watercolour paints. But for some, they took it up a notch and created a makeup look inspired by the artwork, giving birth to a new trend – Galaxy freckles.

Using a mix of purple, blue, violet and fuchsia eye shadow, we’re seeing girls from all over the world create beautiful art with their faces as the canvas.

Even Xiaxue (aka Wendy Cheng) was in on the trend.

If you can’t pull off Galaxy freckles, there’s always the option of Galaxy blush.

No one would blame you if you decide to go all the way either.

Galaxy brows, maybe?

A subtler background colour, but this works as well.

Not a look we’d sport when we’re out shopping, but it definitely looks fun to create.

Check out the original video which spawned the makeup look.