Are You Blow-Drying Your Hair Correctly

#1 Blow-dry your hair the night before

If you prefer to sleep in as much as possible and keep from turning into a ball of sweat in the morning, you can also blow-dry your hair the night before. This gives your hair a chance to rest and the frizziness to die down. I also find that when I blow-dry my hair the night before, my hair stays sleek the next day, as opposed to a blow-dry in the morning getting frizzier an hour into my day.


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#2 Take a cold shower

This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s understandably unbearable for most people, especially in the morning before work. Cold showers also have a number of benefits. The cold not only wakes you up, it also helps stimulate the fat burning process in your body as your body tries to stay warm. I also like using cold water when washing my hair, just because it’s less damaging and dehydrating, and it closes the hair cuticles which makes your hair look shinier and feel smoother.

If you have a hard time stepping into a cold shower, I find that starting off warm and making the water colder as you go is an easier way to acclimatise to the cold. Also, pat yourself dry after a shower instead of rubbing away the water as that creates friction which can generate more heat.


#3 Avoid heating your hair

There’s nothing quite like straightening or styling your hair to get the perspiration going. Try to dry your hair on the cool setting if you need to, and avoid any straightening or curling, which is also going to be healthier for your hair.

Of course if you can’t help but need to style your hair with heat, make sure you’re in a cool and large space so that the heat doesn’t get trapped. I sometimes will turn on the air conditioning and a fan just before doing my hair so I stay cool.

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#4 Do your makeup after your hair

The last thing you want is a sweaty upper lip or perspiration beading on your temples once your foundation is all laid down and powdered. My suggestion? Skincare goes on first when you’re out of the shower, and then you can do your hair while waiting for the skincare to sink in. Even if you aren’t styling your hair with heat, the arm work you do while brushing and styling can be enough of an exertion for you to break out into a light sweat.

Once your hair is done, you can dab off the perspiration and cool down before starting on your makeup.

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#5 Chill your face serums

We know that a cold eye cream can help accelerate the de-puffing of your eyes in the morning. A cold serum can do the same for your face, and keep your skin from feeling overheated at the same time! Just make sure it’s a water-based serum and not an oil so that it doesn’t alter the consistency of your product.

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#6 Get naked

Quite literally, staying naked as long as possible while getting ready will keep your body cooler. Throw on some underwear if you must, just make sure your doors and windows are shut if you need a little more privacy.

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#7 Moisturise in moderation

I find that moisturising after a shower can aid in the perspiration and constant feeling of stickiness on the way to work. What I do, is just moisturise my upper body at home, and then tackle my legs when i’m at my desk. Of course, this only works if you’re wearing a skirt, but if you’re in jeans you won’t have to worry about your thighs sticking together anyway. It’s always best to thoroughly moisturise after your shower, so I do that at night before bed to let the moisturisers sink into my skin while I sleep.

Text: Alyssa Dhaliwal, Her World Plus / Additional reporting: Arissa Ha 

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